This is gtrol.

Gtrol is a small portable multi-functional device that helps you stay connected with what you love. Follow your vehicle, child, pet or anything that’s important to you.

Follow What You Care About



Put gtrol in your child’s backpack and set up a virtual fence to automatically alert you when your child has left or arrived at a location.


Use the gtrol sleeve to attach gtrol to your pet’s collar. You can set gtrol up to periodically update you on the whereabouts of your pet.


Place gtrol anywhere in your or simply plug it into a power outlet, and it will update you every time your car is turned on or parked.


Mount gtrol on your bike or throw it into your bike pouch. Set up motion sensors to get instant alerts when someone tampers with your bike.

More Things To Follow


Features Overview



Find anyone or anything that is important to you. Gtrol always knows where it is (using GPS).


Flexible enough to work worldwide. (Using GSM)

Unlimited Range

Works from anywhere, and anyplace. Proximity is not a problem.


Lasts up to 4 weeks on a single battery charge. Rechargeable battery.


Automatically share your activities on social networks. Select what you want to share.

Check-in Button

Instantly share your location with friends and family. Or send for help in an emergency.

Follow Via Mobile Application

Follow multiple gtrol units

View the location of your car, pet, vehicle, bike, and other items of interest in the List View or Map View, and use the finder feature to lead you to where they are.

Set up multiple security zones and speed limits

Instantly set up security zones to know when your loved one enters or exists a point of interest, and set speed limits to monitor the driving habits of your teenager.

Monitor your vehicle activity

Gtrol keeps a record of your vehicle’s activity – start and stop locations, trip duration, distance travelled, driving speed.

Follow Via Pebble Smartwatch

Other Ways To Follow


Text Connect

Text gtrol and it texts you back with its status. You can add up to five authorized numbers that receive automatic status updates from gtrol as well.

Web Connect

You can conveniently log into the online website and access your account, or add/remove authorized phone numbers that access gtrol.

Alerts Keep You Updated


Unit Powering On/Off Alert

Gtrol automatically lets you know when it is turned on or off.

Low Battery Alert

Always get notified when your gtrol battery is running low.

User Check-in Alert

Instantly alert your  friends and family with your current location, incase of an emergency.

Zone Entry/Exit Alert

Setup a security zone, get alerts when your pet, vehicle or loved one enters or exits an area.

Motion Alert

Mount gtrol on your bike, and gtrol lets you know when it is tampered with.

Proximity Alert

Setup proximity alerts, and know when your pet or loved one gets too far away from you.

Vehicle Specific Alerts

Vehicle On Alert

Automatically get notified when your vehicle is turned on.

Vehicle Parked Alert

Gtrol lets you know when and where you parked.

Overspeed Alert

Set a speed limit and gtrol alerts you when your vehicle is overspeeding.

Towing Alert

When your vehicle is parked, gtrol alerts you if it is moved without the key in the ignition.

Bump Alert

When parked and armed, gtrol alerts you when your vehicle is bumped.

Alarm Alert

Get instant alerts when your car’s alarm goes off, or your car door is forcefully opened.
“Vehicle On Alert” or “Vehicle Parked Alert” only work  when gtrol is plugged into a power adapter or installed with the expansion kit.
“Alarm alert” only works when gtrol is installed into your vehicle with the expansion kit.