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Ramco ERP alternatives and sap B1 target small and midsized companies. Sap B1 is fit for the businesses that have grown rapidly and have to integrate all the facets of their business jointly. Ramco is not unavailable as ERP on demand that makes it an ERP solution within the reach of small-scale and mid enterprises. Sap B1 is available as single integrated application having 14 modules to supply option to its users. It’s fiscal, sales, inventory, management, purchase, company partner, MRP, production, human resource, sales opportunities and banking modules to perform all the tasks included in the operation of a business. Apart from these modules, Sap B1 contains reports module which includes pre-defined and user defined reports, user defined reports are designed by the user to get information in the way in which they choose to see, which gives them the facility to assess the information accurately easily and more deeply. Sap B1 ERP has the facility of E commerce which allows its users to sell and buy products on line. This web site is B2B and B2C which helps its users to do their business 24 hrs.

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Web CRM is another module of Sap B1 which is for its workers to handle the accounts of present customers and also to contact and handle prospect customers all through an internet browser. Sap B1 is beneficial to the organization having its work force between 10-100 employees. This ERP includes the option of customization depending on the needs of the user, SDK kit can also be provided to the user for understanding and managing the applications in accordance with its needs. Ramco ERP solution comes loaded with all the choices and facilities that a mid size or small or large company may need. The modules that Ramco ERP offers are fiscal management, accounts receivable, accounts payable, production, inventory management, cost planning and control, transport and logistics, CRM, sales, purchase and subcontracting, human resource and service management. Ramco ERP has fully integrated modules as well as provides business processes Ramco ERP solutions are offered as SaaS or as Ramco ERP on demand. This gives a chance to have a fully integrated ERP solution at their disposal at an affordable cost, along with this it is also open for customization according to the need of the customer and its requirements to small and mid size businesses. Ramco ERP can be accessed by an internet browser and the hassle of deployment and managing huge IT infrastructure is reduced to minimum.

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It really is scalable according to the growing or reducing needs of the client. Das essen ist sehr lecker, schaut einfach auf die tageskarte und nehmt Schauen Sie kurz auf diese Website rein bloß genügend geld mit. Ramco and Sap B1 are fully integrated ERP with all the features, Ramco ERP in comparison to Sap B1 is easy to choose due to its availability as SaaS. While Sap B1 is in house hosted ERP and it can be customized according to the users needs. The customization of Sap B1 is quick and it can go live with in 2-8 weeks whereas Ramco ERP as SaaS takes time that is lesser. Sap B1 is for mid size firms capable to manage the worker strength of 10-100 whereas Ramco ERP is scalable as any other SaaS ERP.


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