The Gtrol for Pets

Your dog comes to you with that look again. You know that  he wants to go for a walk. You take your dog to a nearby park and let him wander for a few minutes without his leash. You feel good about it because you… Read More

The Gtrol for Vehicles

  Scenario A   You park your car on the street while you go shopping downtown. You put change in the meter and walk away.   When you return, the meter is still running, but your car is gone. You have no idea what happened… Read More

The Gtrol for Kids

You get ready for work and help your child get ready for school. You drop them off at school and watch them enter the building, but what happens after that? How do you find your child in the event of an emergency? If your child… Read More

The Gtrol for Bikes

    You commute to work on your bike and you park it in your usual spot right outside of the building. You tie your bike up around a tree using your bike lock and you go inside. When you come back at the end… Read More