The Gtrol for Bikes



You commute to work on your bike and you park it in your usual spot right outside of the building. You tie your bike up around a tree using your bike lock and you go inside.

When you come back at the end of the day, you realize that your bike has been stolen.

The bike lock was secure, but it was cut off. Where do you go from here? How do you find your bike? Furthermore, how do you protect yourself from this happening in the first place?

Protection for Your Bike


The Gtrol device is the ultimate in theft protection for your bike. While a bike lock will secure your bicycle, it will not locate your bicycle if it has been stolen nor will it alert you if and when someone is attempting to steal your bicycle.


The Gtrol is a small GPS and motion sensor device that can be securely attached to your bike’s water bottle mount. The GPS capabilities provide you with an exact location of your bike at all times and it has unlimited range. The motion sensor aspect provides you with an added layer of security because it automatically alerts you to any movement. This means that you will receive a notification if someone is touching the bike or in the process of attempting to steal it. Once the bike is gone, it is too late to do anything other than to find the location afterwards. However, if you receive a message that someone has been tampering with your bike, then you will at least have time to check on it and contact the authorities much faster.


The Gtrol can be armed remotely using your cellphone or Pebble watch and you will receive instant updates if it detects any movement and it will also provide the precise location of the bike at all times. The Gtrol’s battery can last for a month and you can plug in the charger while it is still on the bike. If you have a bike, then the Gtrol is a necessity to protect your investment.


Social Features


The Gtrol is not only great for theft prevention, but it actually includes a number of social features that you can use to keep in touch with your friends and family. You can set the Gtrol to send automatic updates to Twitter and Facebook. It can also be setup to send automatic milestone updates for your current location. For example, if you take your bike on a hiking trip, the device can send automatic updates to your family and friends at certain time intervals, when you arrive at certain locations, or after you have traveled a certain amount of mileage. If you allow someone else to use your bike, you can also receive updates about where they are and you can also receive a notification if they go beyond a certain point.


The Benefits of the Gtrol for Bikes

  • It provides the exact location of your bike at all times.

  • Unlike other GPS devices, it has unlimited range, so you will always be in reach.

  • Most people will not know what the Gtrol is as it is very small and inconspicuous and therefore it is unlikely that it will be removed during or after a theft.

  • It includes a case and tamper proof screws to securely fasten the item to the bike. Even if your bike, gets stolen it will be difficult to remove the Gtrol.

  • It is not only a GPS unit, but it is also a motion sensor that will alert you before your bike has been stolen. You will have more time to alert the authorities and prevent your bike from being stolen.

  • Includes an optional LED light feature that will act as a theft deterrent.

  • The social features allow you to keep in touch with your family and friends at all times.

  • Service starts as low as $36 per year.


The Gtrol is perfect for anyone that uses their bike to commute to work because it allows to remotely keep track of your bike at all times while you work. People that like recreational biking can rest assured that they will be able to keep in touch with friends and family during trips.


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