The Gtrol for Kids

You get ready for work and help your child get ready for school. You drop them off at school and watch them enter the building, but what happens after that?

How do you find your child in the event of an emergency? If your child rides the bus or walks home from school, how do you keep track of their whereabouts?


Keeping Your Children Safe with the Gtrol


In this day and age, children are exposed to even more risks than ever before. There are not only potential hazards at school in terms of bullying and school shootings, but there are predators in many neighborhoods and even those that prey on children through the Internet. Sadly, many children are kidnapped, abducted, or reported as missing on a daily basis.

It is for that reason, you always need to keep track of where your children are and what they are doing, even if they are not directly in your sight. Although it is not possible to watch your children every moment of the day, you can keep track of their whereabouts and receive automatic updates with the Gtrol device.

How the Gtrol Protects Your Children


The Gtrol is a mobile GPS device that is small enough to fit into your child’s backpack. The Gtrol can connect your cellphone, smart phone, or Pebble watch so you can receive your child’s current location and status updates. It will not only provide your child’s exact location on demand, but it will provide instant updates whenever they enter or leave a designated location. For example, if your child leaves the yard, you will receive a message the moment it happens. When your child arrives home from school, they can click the button to send you a text update to let you know that they are safe.


Many parents give their children cellphones for this purpose, but in doing so they may inadvertently expose them to other types of dangers. Unfortunately, some potential predators may attempt to contact your children through their cellphones or they may  experience cyber bullying from their peers as well.


Unlike cellphones, the Gtrol is a completely secure communication channel that will exclusively provide you and other authorized parties with your child’s current location and whereabouts. If something does happen to your child, then time is of the essence to locate them. While authorities are able to locate GPS information on cellphones, the Gtrol can provide you with that information immediately. The faster you are able to locate your child and alert the authorities, the better chance that your child will be safe.


Another advantage of the Gtrol is that your child can alert you of an emergency or check in with you with a simple click of a button. This is especially important for young children that may not know how to use a cellphone or be able to remember a phone number.

Furthermore, the Gtrol is a much more affordable option than a cellphone because monthly plans start at $3 per month.

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The Benefits of the Gtrol for Kids

  • Provides an exact location to let you know where you child is at all times.

  • Allows for regular status updates and checkins to notify you instantly whenever your child enters or leaves a specific location.

  • More precise than a cellphone because it allows you to retrieve the exact location and status updates at all times.

  • Easy to use as status updates or emergency notifications can be completed with the click of a button.

  • A secure communication channel between you and your child. Unlike cellphones, you and other designated family members will be the only ones able to make contact with your child

  • Timely updates allow you to respond quickly and alert authorities if anything happens.

  • The Gtrol’s monthly service plan starts $3 a month, which is more more affordable compared to the average cellphone service plan.


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