Gtrol for pets

The Gtrol for Pets

Your dog comes to you with that look again. You know that  he wants to go for a walk.

You take your dog to a nearby park and let him wander for a few minutes without his leash. You feel good about it because you know that your dog knows his way around the park and he always comes back in few minutes.


You stop to chat with someone in the park and then you turn around to look for your dog.


You expect to find your dog in a few minutes, but that ends turning into an hour. You later realize that you cannot find your dog.


What do you at this point? How do you ever hope to find your dog again?


What is the Gtrol?


The Gtrol is a GPS device that can be used to safely locate your pet at all times.

It takes everything a step farther than other GPS devices for pets. It allows you to pinpoint your pet’s location at all times using your smartwatch, smartphone, and cellphone. You can receive automatic text updates the moment that your pet enters or leaves a certain area. A geofence can be setup to send you alerts when your pet leaves the yard or visits a certain location.


If your pet gets lost or goes missing, you can locate your pet in real time using finder mode. Finder mode allows you to not only determine your pet’s location, but it will also show your proximity from your pet.


The Gtrol can be worn around the collar or the back of the animal. It is very small and lightweight, so it is comfortable for the animal. It is durable, waterproof, and safe to wear outdoors. Most importantly, it has unlimited range so you can always locate your pet no matter what.


While there are other types of GPS devices designed for pets, many of them are invasive and may have some potential health side effects. The Gtrol can be placed around the collar and removed as needed as opposed to having a chip permanently implanted into your pet’s body.


The Gtrol is an essential for any pet owner that would like to keep their animals safe at all times. This is especially important if your pet frequents wooded and rural areas or dog parks.


The Benefits of the Gtrol for Pets

Gtrol belt clip accessory

- The finder mode can help you locate your pet from anywhere (cellphone, smartphone, smartwatch, or computer).

- It has long battery life as it can last up to a month on a single charge.

- A non-invasive device that allows you to safely locate your pet in the event on an emergency.

- It has unlimited range in any type of weather or environment.

- If someone finds your pet, they can click the check in button to let you know that they have been found safely and provide you with the current location.

- Can be safely worn around the neck or back of the animal.

- Features a durable, waterproof design

- Service starts at $36 per year.

- Great for people with pets that frequent dog parks, rural, and wooded areas.  pets that frequent.

Gtrol with Pebble smartwatch  

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