Gtrol for cars

The Gtrol for Vehicles


Scenario A


You park your car on the street while you go shopping downtown. You put change in the meter and walk away.


When you return, the meter is still running, but your car is gone. You have no idea what happened or what to do to find your car.


Even if and when you do find your car, what will be left of it? Although you had an alarm system, how do you know when something is happening to your car before it is too late?


Scenario B


It is a cold and snowy morning. You need to get dressed for work, but you know that you need to let your car warm up for a while before you take off.


You do not want to rush out now to start the car, but then you realize that you can do that from inside. You activate your remote starter from your smart watch and start to get dressed. The car will be ready for you to take off by the time you finish.


What is the Gtrol?

 Plug and Play Gtrol for Cars

The Gtrol is a GPS and motion detector device designed to both protect your vehicle at all times while giving you remote control of many of its features. You can control the Gtrol using your cellphone, smart phone, or smart watch. The Gtrol is the first device that allows you to actually start your car using your smart watch.

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The GPS function allows you to not only pinpoint your vehicle’s exact location, but it will also notify you when the moment it is turned on or off and everywhere it goes. The Gtrol can be setup to allow you and other designated parties to receive text notifications via your cellphone or smart watch when the vehicle starts, stops, enters, or leaves an area. You can visit the Gtrol website to review the entire trip history of the vehicle.


For example, you can setup a geofence to receive a notification that vehicle is leaving the city or a certain area. You can receive a text message letting you know that the car is being towed because the motion sensor detects movement without the car being turned on. It will even send you an alert if it detects that someone has bumped into the car or if someone is attempting to break into the vehicle.


Another unique feature of the Gtrol is that it has a proximity indicatior, which means that it will tell you how close you are to your car. This is especially helpful if you need to find your can in crowded parking garage.


If your phone or watch has been stolen, you can still maintain control over your car because you can visit the website to deactivate the account. Furthermore, the Gtrol app on your phone is password protected as well.


The Gtrol is perfect for organizations that need to track and manage corporate vehicles. Families can use it to ensure the safety of their teenag drivers. It also a great tool for car sharing programs.



 The Gtrol Vehicle Expansion Kit

The Gtrol can be plugged into the console via your cigarette lighter for full GPS and motion detection capabilities. If you get the Gtrol installed into your car, you will be able to remotely start and stop your car or lock and unlock the doors. While the Gtrol can perform both functions, you can only designate one remote function per unit.


The Benefits of the Gtrol for Vehicles


- Gtrol is the first and only device that allows you to start your car from your smart watch.

- Plug and play capabilities right out of the box using your cigarette lighter.

- Can be configured to remotely start and stop your car or lock and unlock the doors.

-  Receive instant updates when the vehicle turns on and off.

- Always know the exact location of your vehicle at all times.

- Service starts at $36 per year.

- Gives you more time to alert the authorities in the event of an attempted theft.

- The proximity indicator helps you find your car from anywhere.

- The Gtrol has unlimited range. You can start your car from another city and receive a message when it arrives or leaves any location.

- Alerts you to any type of movement (bumps, swipes, tows, shattered window, and etc.)

- Monitor your vehicle online, on your phone, or your smart watch.

- A great way for parents to keep track of young drivers.

- Companies can use the Gtrol to manage corporate vehicles.

- Excellent for car sharing programs.

 Gtrol for cars  

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