Plug and Play

Place gtrol anywhere in your vehicle or simply plug it into any 12v outlet (cigarette lighter) in your vehicle, and you are all set. Its that easy. There is no need for intallation. gtrol_inVehicles

Security At Your Finger Tips

Arm Security

Gtrol can automatically arm itself whenever you park, and alerts you if your vehicle is being towed or has been bumped into.

Security Zones

With gtrol, you can set up multiple security zones to alert you when your vehicle enters or exist an area or point of interest.

Speed Limit

Set a speed limit for your vehicle, and gtrol will instantly alert you whenevever your vehicle starts to over-speeding.

Motion Sensor Sensitivity

You can control how sensitive you want you gtrol to be to motion. This feature supports the arm function.

Monitor Your Vehicle Activity


No need for guess work

For every trip you make, gtrol automatically helps you keep a record of your vehicle’s activities:
  • Distance travelled
  • Trip duration
  • Driving speed
  • Start and stop locations

Your Handy Parking Assistant

More Vehicle Integration With The Expansion Kit

Car Alarm Monitoring

Gtrol can be integrated with your existing car alarm, to alert you when the alarm is triggered.

Door Monitoring

When armed, gtrol can send you an alert if your door is opened.

Hardwire Solution

With the expansion kit, you can directly wire gtrol to your vehicle power.


Alerts Keep You Updated

Vehicle On Alert

Automatically get notified when your vehicle is turned on.

Vehicle Parked Alert

Gtrol lets you know when and where you parked.

Overspeed Alert

Set a speed limit and gtrol alerts you when your vehicle is overspeeding.

Towing Alert

When your vehicle is parked, gtrol alerts you if it is moved without the key in the ignition.

Bump Alert

When parked and armed, gtrol alerts you when your vehicle is bumped.

Alarm Alert

Get instant alerts when your car’s alarm goes off, or your car door is forcefully opened.
“Vehicle On Alert” or “Vehicle Parked Alert” only work ¬†when gtrol is plugged into a power adapter or installed with the expansion kit.
“Alarm alert” only works when gtrol is installed into your vehicle with the expansion kit.